Patch Week–Day 6

Aren’t you glad this week is almost over? I’m sure you are all tired of the rapid fire posts I’ve been doing. I figured though I’ve gone this far I can’t stop now! Previous Patch Week Posts:

So it seems there was a bit of the mix up with Conquest points, thought to be honest with you, I still don’t understand what happened or what is going to happen. Here are the concerned quotes for those who PvP and care about Conquest points:

Conquest points you’ve earned from Random Battlegrounds after the 4.3 patch was applied shouldn’t be going anywhere.

It wasn’t intended for Arenas or Rated BGs to be available again until the start of Season 11, so those points were wiped intentionally.

So in one breath they say you should be keeping them, but another seems to say you should already have lost them. I guess they mean the ratings are were intentionally wiped again? Or maybe the conquest from last season? All very confuddling to me.

I finally got my second DK to level 75, so another profession whore joins the family. Currently it only has mining to support my druid’s Blacksmithing and Engineering, however due to the ore shortage I’m in I haven’t done much with either yet except to make some belt buckles, weapon chains, and shield spikes.

The next profession I plan on sticking on it is tailoring, will probably get on that in the next day or two. I’ve got a tab nearly full of levelling cloth I’ve collected while levelling various alts which should if not cover the levelling completely, put a sizeable dent in it. I chose tailoring over leatherworking because I want to make bags and leg enchants, and don’t think Leatherworking has as many gold making opportunities (I had a Leatherworker in Wrath, it didn’t do much).

I really regret not getting this done earlier, but it wasn’t until I moved servers that I had the opportunity to get a second DK, all my other alts are no where near what the DK started off at, plus DKs are OP and easy to level.

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