Patch Week–Day 5 (Industrial Disease)

Day 5 and I’m starved of supplies, I’ve increased by buying price for Obsidium and Elementium Ore to 90g/stack, and I still can’t get enough. All I can say was I was completely not prepared for this patch. I partially blame it on the face that the new server I’m on has at least 4 times the alliance population my old server does, so I’m still kind of under the small town kid in the big city effect.

It seems I’m not the only one who is having this problem, as the prices for Inferno Rubies have now climbed above 250g which is fantastic, or would be if I had any left. This brings me to the main point of the post (since I’m sure you’re all bored of my rambling on about my patch experience): It seems goblins have been reduced to a machine, spending most of our time simply processing goods.

As many of you may know I’m one of the ‘younger’ goblins around, in fact I only started play the game in Wrath of the Lich King, just before Icecrown Citadel was released, but you hear stories from the old timers of the glory days were goblins control the market, using manipulation to make their gold, selling low, buying high etc. Luckily for me I joined the game in the manufacturing era of goblineering, as I absolutely hate flipping. Seriously, I hate it. Does that make me a bad goblin?

Every time I try and dabbling in the flipping business I leave it with a bad taste in my mouth, I either barely scrape even, or make no gold at all. Very few times have I ever had a huge success in flipping items. The most recent example of this is my venture trying to reset and possibly control the Queen’s Garnet market, I spent about 74k resetting the market, buying several of them, both cut and uncut (I bought several cuts so I can cut the raws myself). I aimed high and reset them to 25k. They are already back down to the 12k range, which is near where I bought them in the first place. I manage to scrape some profit of the ones I’ve sold already, but I still have 5 of the buggers left, I’ll be lucky to break even on them.

In hindsight, this was a really bad time to do this, but my reasoning was it would be easy because of the supposed rarity. Turns out, they’re not as rare as I had hoped. Not only that, but the people on my server seem to be cheap bastards and won’t cough up 5 digits for a 10 stat increase. Not that I can blame them.

My only relief in this venture is the fact that most of the idiot who’ve wasted my time so far are in for a shock when they’re still not down to 500g next week. While they might not be as rare as I had hoped, they’re still rare enough and once they hit the right price in demand enough that they won’t be down to sub 1k in a very long time I hope.

I’m nearing 600k now (it was only after I hit 500k I spent the 74k, so I think that’s pretty damn good don’t you?) and still going, desperately churning out more goods to meet demands. Right now I’m working on disenchanting jewellery for more mats, specifically I’m still missing GCE which is a double pain because the easiest way to get them, Carnelian Spikes, I can’t make because I’m attempting to pump out as many Inferno Rubies as possible. I might have to re-evaluate things here and see what gives me a better Return on Investment, though I suspect it still is the Inferno Rubies since the enchanting market is a lot more stable now than it was at patch launch.

And thus I plough on, yet another victim of industrial disease.

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  1. croda

    i must say i like this blog. keep up the good work.

    personally, i think flipping is a tough way to make money. whereas crafting and selling for a higher price is a relatively much better money maker.

    But weldone on making gold on the patch – not as easy as one would hope.

  2. Jon

    Agree with croda… been enjoying it since i noticed it on UJ.com.

    I’m nearing the same point you are when it comes to red gems… i stocked over 300, and would have ran out if i hadn’t found someone posting 176 stacks of obsidium ore for 50g a stack in the middle of the day on wednesday. Thank god for the mobile ah… and curses to the transaction limit.

  3. Eric Dekker

    Aww thanks guys ^_^

    I unfortunately have nothing to mobile auction house with so I get to save a few bucks a month lol

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