Patch Week–Day 4 (Also, Important Upcoming Dates)

Sales have really slowed down these last two days, but there are a few more important dates I hope will boost sales again:

First Weekend of the Patch

This weekend will be the first days many players will have to fully experience the new content. Such players will be subjecting themselves to as much patchy goodness as they can cram into one weekend. Lots of Looking for Raid and lots of Random Dungeon Finder means a lot more gear entering the system this weekend, which means a lot more gems and enchants are going to be needed! Also weekends are often alt times, so many players will be using this time to bring alts up to speed

Open Season

Next Tuesday the new PvP Season opens up. This means all the avid PvP’ers on your server will begin to collect Conquest points again and spending them on PvP gear. Not only is new Conquest gear being released, if the past is any indication new Honour gear will also be released at this time, which means savvy players can buy new gear right off the bat. This will be when serious PvP players will start buying up any epic gems they intend on buying, as they will be collecting BiS gear.

Baradin Hold

The new PvP season also means the last boss in Baradin is released, lots of phat PvE and PvP loot for everyone!

Heroic Modes

Tuesday will also be the first day Heroic Modes will be available to guilds. The effect this will have will depend on your server’s progression, and how easy the Heroic Modes are. The gear dropping from here will be BiS, and will not be replaced until Mist of Pandaria, no reason not to gem these pieces.

Unfortunately Heroic Modes might increase the supply, as there are still two unaccounted for geodes, one that guarantees an epic, and one that guarantees and epic red, purple, or orange gem. This will probably not unleash a torrent of the gems, but will take a lot of potential buyers out of the market.

2000 Valour Points

Tuesday (damn, Tuesday is popular ain’t it?) is also the first day raiders can achieve 2000 which means server item slots become available:

  • Waist
  • Wrist (BoE)
  • Gloves
  • Back
  • Rings (they have gem sockets)
  • Feet

Lots of different items to gem and enchant there

3000 Valour Points

The beginning of the third week is when Chest and Head pieces become available from the Valour Vendor, expect lots of meta gems to sell.


Well that’s it, let me know if you think of anything else!

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