Patch Week–Day 3

Ding! 500k! Ya ya I know what you’re thinking – “What, my favourite gold blogger only recently hit half a million?” Yea I know I have surprisingly low capital for a gold blogger. Oh well, my writing is still good right? …..right?

Bought a bunch of Queen’s Garnets to cut and flip last night for a total of 74k, still no bites :( See this is why I don’t like flipping, any time I try something like this I end up loosing. Now the gem prices are still holding steady near were I reset them too, but looks like they aren’t selling. I’m really hoping I can at least get my gold back from that venture.

I ran out of Inferno Rubies and Greater Celestial Essences as well last night, oops, guess I didn’t stock enough. Bumping up my ore buying price so I have a chance to restock but I’m loosing sales even as well speak (speaking of which, I’ve had over 200k in sales since patch launch, weeee!)

With me out of these two crucial supplies I’m seriously slowing down, collected only 26k this morning, and when I got back from over 4 hours of class only 6k was waiting in my mailbox. Hopefully this will increase again once I get more Inferno Rubies and GCEs, and when the weekend rolls around.

I feel like such a bad raider, I haven’t been in a single instance in weeks, and I got a guild trial this Tuesday (it was supposed to be this past Tuesday, but of course everyone showed up in their guild that night and they couldn’t fit me in) so this weekend I should get in at least one run through Looking for Raid.

I’m starting to realize that this will probably be the last gold rush in a long while, since 5.0 won’t have such an easy job of gold making in such a short period, in fact expansion launches usually reverse roles, we all spend loads of gold trying to level our professions as fast as possible. Oh well, thinking too far ahead, right now I’ve got to focus on sales!

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