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Year in Review – 2011

I’m not usually good at self review or introspection, and I have a feeling if I attempted it now it would be no exception if I tried it now. Instead, for my New Year’s Post I’ll take a look at what’s being going on in World of Warcraft, the gold making scene, and the blogosphere. …

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Farming: The 8th Deadly Sin

Someone on the Consortium IRC quipped the other day (and I really apologize I don’t remember who said it) that farming in World of Warcraft is the 8th deadly sin. This is a sentiment shared by many in the gold making community and though frankly I can see where they are coming from, I find …

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Happy Winter Veil, Merry Christmas, and Seasons Greetings

I hope this holiday season brings joy and happiness to you and your kin. I encourage you all to take time off from the internet and spend time with your family, and enjoy the festive spirit. Enjoy this video!

Rejected Karazhan Opera encounters: How to Succeed at Gold-Making Without Really Trying

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this evening’s presentation! Tonight, we follow the adventures of a young goblin desperately trying to make his way in the cutthroat world of Undermine. But he has a secret ally who promises him a meteoric rise to the top! Will he succeed? Will he become the next Trade Prince? Only …

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Bread Machines and Sing Alongs

Video NSFW; Skip to 7:48 for the relevant bit I was watching some comedians on the interwebs the other day, when I came across a very interesting bit from Jimmy Carr (imbedded above; NFSW; the quote is from 7:48) in which he jokes about his girlfriend buying a bread machine despite them living next to …

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Tis the Season….

The opening kid is amazing, wish I had pipes like that when I was a kid It’s that time of year again folks, Winter’s Veil is right around the corner occupying Azeroth Thursday, December 15th through Monday, January 2ndoh what fun! Meanwhile in the real world Christmas is fast approaching and I find myself too …

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Review – WoWuction

Seasonality Icon WoWuction

WoWuction is a neat little sight that’s been pointed out to me twice now, so I thought I’d take a peak and see what was up. Alto unfortunately beat me too it as I had started this article and set it aside for crunch time. So, at the cost of blowing off a mechanics presentation, …

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Patch Week–Day 7 (And the Dust Settles)

…or not. In fact, sales are still very much booming for me. ….and that’s pretty much it, not much has changed except the whole Queen’s Garnet fiasco has gotten worse, prices down to 9k now lol. I just felt compelled to write this post to finish off my week of posting. Things I learned From …

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Patch Week–Day 6

Aren’t you glad this week is almost over? I’m sure you are all tired of the rapid fire posts I’ve been doing. I figured though I’ve gone this far I can’t stop now! Previous Patch Week Posts: And the Dust Kicks Up (I really do apologise for this terrible title, more on that later) Patch …

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Patch Week–Day 5 (Industrial Disease)

Day 5 and I’m starved of supplies, I’ve increased by buying price for Obsidium and Elementium Ore to 90g/stack, and I still can’t get enough. All I can say was I was completely not prepared for this patch. I partially blame it on the face that the new server I’m on has at least 4 …

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