Supply and Demand: Patch 4.3 Edition

Patch 4.3 seems to be right around the corner, and everyone is in a huff about it. As a goblin this is the final stretch to get your inventory ready for the patch changes and demand/supply swings. There are a few key changes this patch which will effect supply and demand of several key markets:

  • Maelstrom Shatter will convert a Maelstrom Crystal into two Heavenly Shards
  • All 5-man dungeons will now offer the same amount of Valour Points and Justice Points
  • Epic gems are being released, but will be gated by raid drops and alchemy transmutes

The first two points are inter-related, both will have an effect on the prices of enchant materials in two different ways. The new shatter creates a balance between the crystals and shards, creating a 2:1 price ratio between the two. When crystals get expensive, people stop shattering, demand drops, crystal price drops, shard supply goes down, price goes up, until the shatter is viable again.

The changes to the Random Dungeon Finder means players can complete the original Cataclysm 5-man dungeons for a change of scenery without taking a hit in the amount of Valour or Justice points they earn. And what do you get from the old dungeons? Heavenly Shards. Also key is that Maelstrom Crystals don’t drop, which will create an extra supply of shards, and lower supply of crystals. Obviously this won’t come into effect until players have collected all the gear they need from the newer instances.

We still don’t have the full details on epic gem drops and alchemy transmutes for epic gems, but it is a safe bet that the transmute will use up rare gems and herbs, and share the transmute cooldown with nearly every other transmute available to alchemists, meaning one epic gem per alchemist, plus mastery procs. As red gems are the most common and the stats associated with red gems are the most sought after in raiding (and possibly Pvp, but I don’t PvP so I won’t speculate to that). This means that everyone and their grandmother (what, your grandmother doesn’t play WoW?) will be using their daily cooldown on transmuting Queen’s Garnets, placing an increase in demand for Inferno Rubies on top of the extra demand created by the new tier.

What I’ll be focusing on keeping a surplus of until the patch (not at the cost of current sales though):

  • Inferno Rubies
  • Maelstrom Crystals
  • Heartblossom (even if it isn’t used for the epic transmute, it’s used for the Inferno Ruby transmute)
  • A small handful of Shadowspirit Diamonds, apparently there are a lot of easy to obtain helms this patch
  • Other rare gems I can’t move for the life of me

Increasing your stock of enchants could also be beneficial if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time crafting when patch day hits.

We unfortunately still have several wild cards flying about. One wild card we haven’t heard even a whisper of is if Blizzard will be giving frequent PvP’ers access to the epic gem drops without raiding. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added the gems to the vendors with a minimal rating and costing Conquest Points.

In Wrath we could prospect Titanium Ore not just for epic gems, but for dust to buy more cuts with. We could still see Blizzard adding some sort of pyrite dust to the Pyrite prospect tables, or possibly even using Volatile Earth to purchase tokens. It seems remote that they will be adding epic gems to the pyrite prospecting tables now with their stance on gating the supply of gems.

In the midst of all this prepping for the patch, I still haven’t moved to my new server yet so I’m focused on making the most out of that as well. Hopefully all the pieces fall into place and the move and the patch goes over well.

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