Setbacks and Time Investments

Today was supposed to be the day. Today was supposed to be fun. Today was supposed to be the day I set forth for a brave new world, , strike forth from my current server, to find greener pastures at another.

This did not happen. I was all set, I had everything packed up, I transferred ownership of the guild to my main character, followed my own checklist, logged onto the BNet site (using my handy dandy authenticator) only to be greeted (rather impolitely might I add) by this:

This character must be a Guild Master for at least 7 days to initiate this service.

I did not find this amusing. I thought it was an error. In fact I was downright steamed. All in a flurry I create a web ticket explaining what happened and I got a response (rather quickly, under 30 minutes, good job CS team!) telling me that the Guild Master character has to hold that rank for seven days. Huh? Where does it say that? Turns out, it does, just not in what I was reading. That’s right, I was set back a full week because the two things they clipped out of the blog post was this:

In addition, the Guild Master character must have occupied the rank for a minimum of 7 days.

As Guild Master, what if I want to transfer leadership to another character? When can the new Guild Master use one of the guild services?

The Guild Master character must have occuppied that rank for a minimum of 7 days before they will be able to initiate one of the guild services. If you transfer leadership, even amongst characters on the same account, that character will need to wait 7 days for the cooldown to expire.

I politely responded that I was a long time paying customer, I was trying to pay them more money, and could they please just waive this requirement? Nope. Unconvinced, I phoned up Blizz tech support (only like 3 minutes waiting too, again, good job CS!) and after 5 minutes trying to spell out my email (seriously, not joking about this one) the guy on the line tells me that yup, no way around it. So head hung low I’ve had to accept that I’ve been set back a full week because the one source of info I read omitted two crucial pieces, and I didn’t bother reading the support article on it.

So now I’m faced with a choice, do I unpack and go business as usual for another week and then pack up again? Or do I leave myself packed and focus on new alts on the new server (I sent my druid as an advanced scout, and have made and forgotten about at least 3 new alts already). I still don’t have a miner to smelt, which is hilarious since my druid has Blacksmithing and Engineering (good God people I have two wasted profession slots and you still read my blog?), perhaps this time would be better spent working towards more profession slots?

In other news I’ve caved and signed up for a twitter account, @Xsinthis, so I can Twitt with all the cool kids (that’s the verb they use right, Twitt?) and I’ve got a little Twitter widget on the blog now. Hopefully I can accomplish some cool things with this new setup, and stop being left out on so many conversations.

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  1. Biggus

    Thanks a million for the heads up. I plan to transfer a week from now. I would have been very unhappy if it took two weeks.

  2. dankestbuds

    Same exact thing happened to me last week!!

    I decided I wanted to transfer a large portion of gold to a high pop server, buy a bunch of TCG mounts and other vanity items, and transfer back.

    So, I loaded up 999,999g 99s 99c into one of my bank guilds and 50k on my alt death knight, and tried to guild xfer.

    First problem: The guild needs to be at least level 2 in order to realm transfer. UGHHH. Decided I would start doing dailies on my death knight, but soon realized it would take me way to long to solo farm guild xp to level 2. So, I spammed trade chat “WTB level 2+ guild pst”, and quickly bought a level 4 guild for only a few thousand gold.

    Next problem: Must be GM for at least 7 days. So I began the long, grueling process of waiting 7 days for my cooldown to be ready, constantly watching items that I wanted via theunderminejournal.

    Finally, my transfer was ready, I transferred the guild, and after about 90 minutes, my guild was on the new server.

    I WAS able to purchase 1.05million gold worth of vanity items to give to my main and some to flip back on my home server(for example: shadowmourne crimson deathcharger x5 lol). However, now I’m still patiently awaiting the 3day transfer cooldown before I can come back………

  3. Eric Dekker

    At least you had an authenticator dankestbuds, when the service launched i hadn’t even ordered mine yet >.>

  4. Skorpsy

    Hmm like dankestbuds I was also thinking to transfer 999,999 to my guild bank and move it to a high pop server so i could load up on cool things i’ve been wanting forever now and then move back. I kinda like the idea of the week waiting period, though inconvenient it seems like a good idea from a security standpoint. I had no idea about it needing to be a level 2 guild though. Ugh I am very glad for the heads up. Guess I’ll be scouting trade for a new guild to buy.

  5. Eric Dekker

    I agree it makes total sense security wise, I’m just really pissed I didn’t see the bit about the Guild Master lol

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