Patch Week – Day 2

Woke up this morning to 39.7k gold in my mailbox, not too shabby I thought. It’s rather unfortunate that Inferno Rubies are only up 50g despite the fact they are flying off the shelves. Enchants are flying off the shelves still, raiding mats (potions, elixirs, flasks) are moving quickly, and non-red gem sales are up as well, all leading to an awesome sale record. I must say though that I’m really glad I didn’t sacrifice any sales to stockpile leading up to this patch.I am officially out of uncut Inferno Rubies, and as I speak am prospecting some pyrite I had kicking around hoping to squeeze out some more. If I could simply find some Heartblossoms I could transmute the stacks of Carnelians I have in my bags; I’ll probably end up buying above my usual buy price for those herbs this week.

I am disappointed that the epic gem transmute haven’t seemed to be released with this patch, I guess Blizzard is waiting for another patch to help nerf content. The epic raw gems haven’t been added to the API feeds so AHSpy and The Undermine Journal can’t tell us how they’re doing, though I saw one up on my Auction House (a Queen’s Garnet) for a 20k buyout. Faid reported seeing one on her Auction House as well for 20k, so that seems to be the going rate so far for these.

It seems everyone and their grandmother got a Tyrael’s Charger with this patch so I didn’t get the chance to feel like a special snow flake, though I still think the mount is bad-ass and it’s a free mount for any new alts! Too bad my bank alt can’t use it. The mount is so popular when I logged in yesterday my screen looked like someone had blown a handful of the world’s largest dandelion seeds all over the place:


(I really got to get a better image solution for the blog)

Despite all this I’m still only 120k up, after a pretty bad attempt at resetting the inferno rubies. I was hoping my small reset would be like pushing a boat out into a riptide and take off from there, but the price never went any higher and I probably lost a few gold on some of those gems. Hopefully the other benchmarks in the post-patch phenomena will yield better results (more on those benchmarks later, promise!).

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