Now Everyone is Going to Want to be a Blacksmith

A little bird on the Consortium IRC mentioned to me today that the fine folks at Blizzard rolled back their changes to Jewelcrafting’s profession bonus to their release levels, and still haven’t touched the other professions at all. What this means is, once 4.3 rolls out, Blacksmiths will be able to equip 2 more epic gems than anyone else, and since the profession bonuses balance around the current Blacksmithing bonus of an extra two rare gems, Blacksmiths will be able to gain +20 primary stats over any other profession bonus.

What this means to any serious raider is that Blacksmithing provides a clear benefit over any other profession, and that by not picking it up they loose out on 10 of their primary stats. While some might scoff at a “mere” +20 stats, keep in mind many people will still strive to attain it, no matter how little extra effect it creates, min maxing at play, and 25 players getting this extra 20 means 525 extra primary stats before class or player bonuses, and that could be the difference between a kill or a wipe.

So all you non-raiding goblins might be thinking “Big whoop, what does it have to do with me?” Well lets explore that shall we?

It’s fairly clear to see what will happen here, the raiding masses will drop one of their profession (probably not JC, that technically gives 1 more than the others) and pick up Blacksmithing for the potential +20 over the dropped profession. This will have the following effects on the market:

  • There will be a huge surge in potential competition for Blacksmithing markets
  • There will be huge demand for bars required for levelling Blacksmithing. (For the ore as well, but that’s only secondary since players switching to Blacksmithing for this won’t have the miner to smelt it most likely)
  • There will be a small dip in professions other than Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting

Now the magnitude of these effects will vary wildly depending on the raiding population of your server, servers with a higher population of raiders will see this more than quieter servers.Gems

Of course this all hinges on whether or not Blizzard changes any of the profession bonuses between now and 4.3. If they buff the other professions, then the reverse will happen, Blacksmiths will drop it for a profession with instant stat boosts over Blacksmithing which you wouldn’t get the advantage until you could fill out every socket.

Current knowledge about epic gem drops seem to indicate that it’ll be quite possible for a wealthy player to acquire these gems quickly. In fact, for the average player it’ll be smarter for them to short sell, sell the epic gems at a higher price sooner, and then when they get better gear that they might not replace put epic gems in those sockets for a fraction of the cost. This could mean a fair supply entering the market, which really determines how quickly Blacksmiths get their bonus and how quickly blizzard might have to bring other professions inline.

A repercussion of this is that flipping epic gems becomes very viable as you snap up individual gems and resell to those looking to deck out their toons early. I personally am usually to busy to properly manage this, but goblins with more time on their hands can definitely make serious gold on these prospects.

My suggestion? Stock up and the more difficult bars or supplies in the Blacksmith levelling process, such as:

  • Silver Bars
  • Gold Bar
  • Mithril Bar
  • Thorium Bar
  • Wrath Eternals

Just to name a few. It’ll certainly be interesting how Blizzard goes with profession bonuses, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Correction: In a previous post, Report: World of Warcraft Wealth Survey , I incorrectly stated that the survey ran from October 9th to November 5th due to a typo. The survey actually ran from October 29th, 2011, through to November 5th, 2011.

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  1. Ktlol

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea to stock up on cheap Frozen Orbs to convert them to Eternals since there’s always a few of them (Air/Fire come to mind) that always seem to command a ridiculous price on the AH.

    Nice post!

  2. Eric Dekker

    Yes Frozen Orbs would be an excellent option so you could buy eternals as you need them instead of worrying about stocking the wrong spread

  3. Monk

    Found your blog just today, and I have to say I love the layout!

    Regarding the post;
    Isn’t this the definition of blizzard mentality? They make something ‘overpowered’, compared to the other professions, just to hotfix it after two weeks.
    If this would hit live servers, which I highly doubt, it is indeed an amazing gold making opportunity. I leveled my blacksmith from 200-500 yesterday, and found that the later tier of vanilla mats are fair to the leveler. However, I paid 150g per stack of Fel Iron bar, 250g per stack of Adamantite bar, and somewhere in between for Cobalt bars.
    Sure these materials are easy(-ish) to obtain for the player with a normal four-digit amount of gold by farming, I’d however still try to keep a stock of these for all the lazy players not bothering to farm.

    The conversion between cobalt ore and bar is 1:1, something people usually don’t think about. This opens up a great opportunity to craft some bars and sell for a markup.


  4. Eric Dekker

    True it is very possible blizzard will buff the other prof’s later, but i think it will be too late to avoid most of the rush.

    Also, not every player has one of each profession, and might not have a miner, so will have to resort to buying the goods to level BS

  5. phwest

    And here I was thinking that I should have respeced my main (mage) to BS instead of JC just so I’d have a shot at Orbs doing 5mans.

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