Last Minute Preparations for Patch 4.3. Hour of Twilight

UPDATE: Looks like Patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight is going live this Tuesday

As the Hour of Twilight approaches goblins are scrambling to get the most bang for their buck out of this patch. The two expected release dates for 4.3 are November 29th or December 6th depending on who you ask, and both of these are based around the ending of the current PvP season on November 29th, and everyone is basically guessing whether or not the put the patch on the day the season ends, like they did for the previous PvP season, or wait a week, like they’ve done several times in the past.

I’ve gone over specific patch 4.3 supply and demand changes before, but I just wanted to take the time to go over some other items that may be of interest, but just carrying over the previous list we’re starting with:

This leaves us with a pretty hefty list of items to hold on to for the patch, but those aren’t the only items you should be keeping an eye out for. As with every “content” patch servers will see an increase in raiding and 5 mans, which in turn means a lot of new gear entering the player populous, which leads to more gear needing to be gemmed and enchanted, so you should prepare for those cuts and enchants to start flying off the shelves come patch day, and to mitigate this you should increase your on-hand stock so you don’t run out too quickly and fall behind restocking. Along with standard enchants, Ebonsteel Belt Buckles will be in increased demand, so keep some pyrite and elementium on hand to keep up with these.

A new push in raiding can also mean an increased demand for consumables (Potions, Flasks, and Elixirs) though with guild cauldrons all this may mean is less herbs to go around. Nonetheless I’m making sure to top up before the patch in case the herb or volatile life market goes south after the patch.

The following glyphs are being buffed and may see an increase of usage (no guarantees, I don’t play many of these classes):

These changes will most likely not require any action on your part except to keep on top of your glyph production. Many druids and paladins will likely have these glyphs anyways.

It’s unfortunate that we do not know more about epic gem transmutes however current datamined information seems to indicate that they will be a drop (they have smart drop tags, only alchemists who can use them will see them) and past history indicates that they will be on the one day transmute cooldown, so don’t expect gems to come gushing forth from the transmutes.

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