After some delays, my  move to my new server finally went down last Wednesday. I ended up taking 3 characters and one guild bank, all filled to the brim. I honestly don’t know how I moved the last time without Guild Faction and Server Transfers. I unfortunately continued business as usual right up until the previous Sunday night and so when the 7 day requirement for being Guild Master finished Tuesday night, I wasn’t fully prepared.

I had so much stuff I only got to the point on my moving servers to-do list where I was cramming in items necessary to my day-to-day functions, so now cross-server arbitrage for me :(

The 3 guild applications I sent out since I decided to move have all rejected, one ‘expired’ and the other two passed me over because their positions had been filled; and other guilds I’ve checked out on the server aren’t advertising for a spot for me. I guess nobody needs a 6/7 25-man Heroic Holy Paladin :(

I digress though, time for some pictures of the move!

My paladin's bags during the trasnfer

Vqsharix's bank during the transferKashelroy's bags during the transferKashelroy's bank during the transferXsinthis' bags during the server transferXsinthis' bank during the server transfer

First tab in my guild bank during the server transfer

Second tab in my guild bank during the server transfer

Third tab in my guild bank during the server transfer

Fourth tab in my guild bank during the server transfer

Fith tab in my guild bank during the server transfer

Sixth tab in my guild bank during the server transfer

Yea, I pretty much took everything with me, every glyph every gem, every scrap of cloth for a future tailor. The glyphs were a huge pain in the ass and honestly I shouldn’t have kept production up the leading week, especially on all the damn glyphs. Unseen in the photo array is the content of my druid’s inventory that I sent ahead which contained a whole bunch of pets and BoA gear as well as the max 50k gold I could take with me.

I’m still running on low power mode, using only 4/6 professions and not doing anything like vendor routes or flipping etc. Before the move someone mentioned to me you can transfer a Death Knight to a server with a Death Knight already on it, so I know have a second Death Knight which I am using to add 2 extra profession slots, one which will be mining so I can properly make use of the Blacksmithing and Engineering on my druid. The World of Warcraft Seventh Anniversary and expected Black Friday Sale means I can really expand my horizons a lot quicker in the coming two weeks assuming I don’t get swamped by my classes.

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  1. Priestess

    Grats on your successful move. I just recently went through something similar when one of the guilds I raided with decided to transfer servers. in the end I moved over 7 toons and one guild bank in a 2 part move. I managed to cram an extraordinary amount of materials in every available bag slot. One thing to look at is the “cost” of each inventory slot. I trashed or sold off anything easily replaceable of low value in order to make room for a more profitable item. For instance, that slot taken up by a 10g stack of linen cloth could have been a stack of gems or an epic to flip. The main was spared as they have too many sentimental items to get rid of, but the alts got pared down to bare-minimum to make more room for salable goods. Even some soulbound things, like rep tabards were tossed, as they can be easily replaced in favor of a stack of BFI. I used profession bags where possible to take advantage of the extra slots they provide. Also, while in the end I brought a huge amount of raw ore and herbs, I initially tried to condense most of it down to a more finished product to save room. 10 stacks of BFI takes up far less inventory space than the herbs needed to mill them. The same for gems and belt buckles vs raw ore.

    I know what a pain it a large move can be and glad you got it behind you now. Thanks for the write up. Hope you find a new guild soon.

  2. Eric Dekker

    Yea my pack-rat tendencies really took over during the move so I was left with little room to flip items. To be honest though with the move I was doing there wasn’t really a whole lot of room to flip since the server I was going to probably had at least triple the amount of alliance players and was more progressed, so very different markets. Luckily I didn’t have too many sentimental items clogging up the works.

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