And The Dust Kicks Up

So luckily my Construction Management professor cancelled class today so I was at my computer when 4.3. launched (no really, it was cancelled! I’s gots pics! Hmmm, maybe my prof plays WoW :P). I had completely forgotten about the Tyrael’s Charger I was set to receive since I signed up the the World of Warcraft Annual Pass and so that was a nice surprise when I logged on. I haven’t had much of a chance to check out other things yet in the patch, been too busy flexing my muscles on the Auction House and reading up on the new raids (I have a trial with a new guild tonight, the pressure’s on!)

After wriggling through some problems with addons (I’m looking at you Auctioneer) I started my first post cycle of the day. The previous night I had posted a wall of Inferno Ruby cuts at 250g each, Shadowspirit Diamond cuts at 350g each, and Ember Topaz cuts at 125g each (I got to tired to do the demonseye cuts) and so today I bought up any Inferno Ruby cuts that were still up and sub 250g. I then proceeded to throw up another wall of 400g Inferno Ruby cuts for when the masses break through my first wall.

All I can think about right now is that I hope my supplies at least last the night, enchants and gems are flying off the shelves as predicted. Buying out all the sub 250g Inferno Ruby cuts certainly helped the supply, but I’m still worried. In hindsight I should have taken my own advice and increased my on hand inventory of enchants, instead of just worrying about the gems.

I can’t wait for The Undermine Journal to come back up so I can see what kinds of whacky things the economy is doing, should be real interesting. I’ll have another update tomorrow morning on Patch 4.3. so stay tuned!

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