Possible Incoming Spike in Gems and Enchants–Taiwan WoW Site Suggests Twice a Week Resets

A blue post on the Taiwan World of Warcraft blog suggests that the WoW team may be doubling our resets per week. It’s only on the Taiwan site and no official English post, but I’ll supply a babelfish translation:

When October 27 server services, we will apply mechanically in view of 4.0 and 4.2 team transcription progress reset revision, present 7 days will carry on a time progress reset, will alter to one week reset two times. Every week the first progress reset in Thursday morning 09:00, the second progress reset on Sunday night 09:00. This modification cannot affect the courage points. The courage points’ upper limit in Thursday reset, will still strike kills the courage points which the leader obtained with before was the same. This item soul of team transcription which the big dragon will not apply mechanically in view of the team transcription progress reset’s modification in 4.3 renewals. So far, wing of team transcription the death can only in Thursday reset. This modification is to let have the wish to carry on the team transcription to play the families, has more opportunities to obtain the equipment. Although the courage points cannot come under the influence, this modification still could let the teams each week strike kills two time team transcription leader, obtains two time of equipments, speeds up the team growth. Anger of material piece in Wu Yaowang the, has participates in 10 people playing the families with 25 person of team transcriptions, should feel to this change method quite familiar. But wants maintains the current progress perhaps postpones the progress reset to play the families, you still may use in the team page “to postpone the team progress” the function to serve this purpose. If you worried that can forget the new team transcription progress reset time, from October 27, in you will play the conduct experience to demonstrate every week the progress reset time. We will be glad hear you regarding this modification response, also hoped that this modification can give wants to carry on the multiple team transcription with the trade union members to play family more powers.

If this goes through the demand for gems and enchants should nearly double. Let’s stay tuned and see if we get this on the US realms!.

UPDATE: Blue poster Zarhym posted to say this:

We are testing these new raid lockout changes in Taiwan and Korea first. Our goal is to expand this change to other regions in the future, but we don’t have anything further to announce at this time with regard to North American implementation.

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