Mists of Pandaria New Pet System

According to recent information released in last weekend’s BlizzCon, the dev team at Blizzard are planning on introducing a mini-game revolving around the not-so-non-combat pets. You’ll be able to take up to 3 pets into battle, level, and more. For me this has been the most interesting aspect of Mists of Pandaria in terms of gold making, because along with an obvious increase in pet demand, you’ll be able to trade trained pets, and almost all pets will be tradeable!

This has me pondering the possibility of setting myself up as a major pet dealer on the server, buying and selling raw and trained pets, and of course flipping them. I’m really hoping the system doesn’t limit you on how many pets you can deal with at one time, as that will put a major bump in my plan. This whole plan of course revolves around setting myself as a known, and reputable pet dealer, the servers go-to man for quick trades.

That’s another key point in my plan, I’m hoping there will be highly competitive players in this mini-game, competitive enough that they will need a pet on a moments notice. If I’ve set myself up properly they can come to me and hopefully I can help them find a good fit for their team (for a respectable fee of course :P ).

I’m going to be mulling this over for a while most likely, I’ll post updates and revisions as more details for this mini-game are released.

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