How To Exit Gracefully From The Gold Making Scene

Chances are if you are reading this article you’re not thinking about leaving the gold making scene, but there comes a time in every goblins life when he or she must quit, or at least take a break. Before you do however you’ll want to take some steps to make sure your return goes easier, even if you don’t plan on coming back (don’t give me that look, you started for a reason, I doubt that reason has disappeared). After coming back from a break from the gold making scene I’ve come up with several do’s and don’ts to retire from the auction house business, and make it easier to return.

The old saying is “Don’t Burn Your Bridges” and applies very well to World of Warcraft, whether or not you have any deals with local farmers. What I’m referring to is to not get rid of your economy add-ons, especially the settings, and to save as much as your left over stock as you can. While yes you will most likely have to update your prices when you come back to reflect the new economic condition, this is considerably easier when you already have your favoured add-ons setup with all the groups and shopping/snatch lists. The largest obstacle I faced, and am still facing since I’m not running on all cylinders yet, is getting all the products into groups and inventory management set up. If you keep your add-ons intact you just fire them up again when ready and away you go.

Obviously you don’t want to keep all the day-to-day items so take a few days to sell off your normal stock of things you sell normally every day like gems, flasks, glyphs etc. What you want to keep is all your long term investments like pyrite ore, saronite ore etc. If you have any of these items on a second account I suggest moving them to a main account storage option, especially if you only use the second account for economic activities, since you’ll probably want to cancel this account before your next payment if you do. Also limit the storage to as little characters as possible so you have less chance of accidentally deleting storage characters and have more room to play with alts if you continue playing wow.

Also important is to not give away anything if you’re leaving the game. One of my biggest regrets when I took a break from World of Warcraft (separate from my break from gold making) was giving all my stock and gold to a friend before I left, because when I came back I had to start from scratch. Don’t give gold to friends, don’t give gold to guildies, and especially don’t give randomly away to strangers in trade chat. Apart from selfish reasons, you’ve probably become a gold sink in your server, you can’t mess with the economy now!

Keeping up with World of Warcraft news will be advantageous if you plan on returning, so you have less to catch up on if you plan to return. Just subscribing to a blog or an RSS feed can go a long way to easily keep track of the goings on in the World of Warcraft community.

If you follow these steps you can go a long way towards preparing yourself for a triumphant return!

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