Blizzard Announces Guild Faction and Server Transfers

Blizzard released today information about the upcoming Guild Services which will be demo’d on select realms “in the coming days and weeks”. The two most goblins will be interested will be the Guild Master Faction Change, and Guild Master Realm Transfer, which for $40 or $35 (respectively), and a $10 discount if you do both, will transfer your guild master and guild to a server or faction of your choice. See that? Guild Master. That’s right included in the guild transfer is one character transfer – specifically the guild master. What this means is you are basically paying a mere $10 to bring a guild, and most importantly to us – it’s bank, to a new server and/or faction. Also included for those interested is an appearance change apparently along with name change (for the character, the guild doesn’t get a freebie unless the guild name is already taken).

Of course there is a restriction, the guild being transferred must be level 2 or higher, but a person looking into this for cross faction or server arbitrage will probably consider this an insignificant problem. Once you’ve got one of these though, you’ve got the ability to transfer at least 6 more tabs of space, and 1 million more gold, for $10 US. That’s a serious amount of transfer capacity, combined with any other characters you might be bringing over (which by-the-way DON’T get a discount if moved with a guild). Even if you get a new guild you can get 588 bank spots with this, and that gets pushed to 784 item slots if you find a guild with all 8 tabs unlocked. And while the 8th tab is not exactly an easy unlock all you need is a guild level of 5 for the 7th slot (686 item slots).

Lets do some math for fun shall we? Lets say I want to take a lot of pyrite with me. On my server pyrite is going for roughly 140g/stack. With 6 tabs that means I can take 11,760 pieces of pyrite ore with me, worth 82,320g. That’s probably not the best way to squeeze as much gold into it as possible if you’re simply looking to bring more gold over the million gold cap for guilds, but you get my point. If you somehow managed to get a hold of 588 Vials of the Sand, you could transfer theoretically 27,048,000 gold based off of mean US-Alliance prices. Again I know a bit extreme but just goes to show you how powerful this can be.

With my search for a new guild probably extending into new servers or factions, I can’t wait for this feature to be released on my realm so I take all that much more with me.

UPDATE: It seems Blizzard has put a restriction on this were you need to have your account secured by an authenticator for 7 days before you can use the guild services. Good call security wise, but it means I gotta cough up even more dough if I want to take a guild over.

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